Edmondo Zaroli

I make oil paintings on canvas, tempera, fresco, watercolor, majolica. My work is characterized by a strong mastery of these techniques

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My History

Mine is a painting that refers to a very meditated, very slow painting. It cannot be otherwise for my nature. In my youth I have always drawn and painted driven by an inner necessity that was not simply to apply myself to these arts, but to deepen my knowledge of 'life' and beauty.

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My Specialties


'Look for the poetry that is in you.' The reality external to man seems not to change but can change the way it is perceived. OPUS 'in art is the profound' contemplation of the mysterious beauty of things. There is a crescendo in the search for beauty: seeing, looking, observing, contemplating.

Holy Paintings

In recent decades, sacred art has, unfortunately, fallen; flattened behind stereotypical images, devoid of soul. The contemplation of the beauty of the Divine, soul of the Church for two thousand years, must be absolutely recovered and also, if possible, deepened.


I entered in the decoration sector almost casually, also collaborating with his famous cousin architect Zaroli Guglielmo. Some examples can be seen on this page. My works can help homes and public places to be extremely welcoming thanks to art.


I have been collaborating, for almost twenty-five years, with the company 'Ditta Grazia' based in Deruta, the oldest majolica factory in the world. Founded before 1485. I inaugurated twenty-five years ago, a new way of painting on majolica that no one has yet been able to imitate.


As a painter I try to find the poetry and beauty of the soul that resides within each person and graft it into the general beauty of reality and creation.

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If you want to have a visual and emotional experience, visit my personal three-dimensional art gallery, you will be able to see my works as if you were there in person

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Some of the works I have created are shown below

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1 - Antera 2

1 - Avila 1

1 - Res Nova 1

2 - Allegoria della Dea Fortuna

2 - Bogoslav Dits 1977

2 - Ritratto di Mirjana

2 - Ritratto di cane C.

3 - Crocifissione olio su tela

3 - Madonna con Santi Pio e Maddalena

3 - Madonna del Pensiero olio tavola

3 - Scranni altare Chiesa Perugia PV

4 - Tondo centro tavola

4 - Castello Olivola Todi lunetta camino

4 - Fontana muro con maiolica

4 - Lekitos con paesaggio

4 - Sottopiatto Grazia

4 - Vassorio ovale nature morte e foglie

4 - Tavolo da giardino in majolica

5 - Decorazioni albergo Fortuna

5 - Ritratto di famiglia tempera su muro

My History

In my early childhood my parents discovered that my drawings were not like those of children, but that they came very close to visible reality. An uncle of mine who attended the Academy of Perugia as well as marveling at what I was able to draw he taught me to sketch neatly, something that I immediately received without forgetting it. In elementary schools I was known as a famous little child. My teacher marveled at what came naturally to me. He often placed flowers in front of me, which I drew as they were and faded, not only the petals but also the stem between the areas of shadow and light. The enthusiastic and amazed teacher went to her colleagues to show them my work. In my adolescence the professor of applied arts admired my way of drawing, he was a well-known artist from Perugia. He valued me a lot and he also invited me to join the Perugia Art School. My parents forced me, even if with love, not to take that road. Between the ages of thirteen and twenty, he begins to read many books even much 'bigger' than me. At the age of eighteen I bought all the works of Shakespeare from Einaudi and read a large part of them in a short time. I was stimulated by the presence in my country of a 'Reading Center' that the Augusta Library had founded. I read a lot of Russian, French, Italian, German literature, and so on. This, together with the study of painting techniques on ancient manuals. In this period I was very stimulated by all forms of culture. In art I have always designed and painted, strictly by myself. Contemporary art was dominated by fashion and by the prevailing and limiting culture. The technique I had learned, alone, with study and exercise. My works were very thoughtful and of slow execution, contrary to the fashion of the time, of a synthetic and fast art, which somewhat unsuspected me. Art needs deep meditation. Not far from the death of my brother, I deliberately abandoned the activity of entrepreneur and decided to dedicate myself completely to art. In a few years I intensified my activity as an oil painter, dedicating myself, almost casually, to majolica. The director of an important ministry introduced me to the Grazia Company, a very famous structure for the production of majolica of the highest artistic level in Deruta. This structure, founded before 1485 by the homonymous family, welcomed me and provided the opportunity to learn the difficult techniques of this painting. In this place I developed a new technique that no one, up to now, could imitate after much more than twenty years.

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